Flero Media Ltd provides services to companies, associations and individuals.
Live broadcasts, video recordings, photography, AV installations, as well as the services of a camera operator, assistant- and a multi-camera editor.
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Cinematography / Video recording

Order custom video footage or film technical production.
Also freelancers in the media industry such as camera / video assistants, camera operators, etc.


Passport photos, portraits, group photos, in the studio or outdoors. Contact us and we will take care of the pictures on your face or walls!

Aerial photography (Drone)

Insured and registered RPAS operator. Professional drone descriptions as needed.

LocalghostFI’s services include network installations and repairs, computer maintenance, web hosting, game servers and a 3D printing service.
(The page is in Finnish)

Consulting / installations

Consulting related to AV equipment and implementation of AV installations. Also included with LocalghostFI ICT installations.

All prices are quoted VAT 0%.
*-marked includes VAT 24%.